Code Vilas: VILAS 037

Name of Lab: Consumer product testing laboratory

Leading Organization: Quality Assurance and Testing Centre 3

Address: Industries Zone Bien Hoa 1, §ong Nai

Tel: 061. 836 212 Fax: 061. 836 298

Contact person: Nguyen Phuoc Hai

The accreditation field: Mechanical

Valid to: 25/12/2003


Materials/ Products tested

Name of the specific test

Test method




Total solid content of latex ISO 124:1992

TCVN 6315:1997

Dry rubber content of latex ISO 126:1995

TCVN 4858:1997

Viscosity of latex ISO 1625:1985

TCVN 4859:1997

KOH num ber of latex ISO 127:1995

TCVN 4856:1997

pH of latex ISO 976:1996

TCVN 4860:1997

Tensile test of rubber ASTM D 412-92

ISO 37:1994

TCVN 4509:1988

Shore hardness ISO 7619:1997

TCVN 1595:1988

Tear resistance of rubber TCVN 1597:1987
Tensile strength of joint of inner tubes TCVN 4509:1988

Adhesive strength (fabric / rubber) of tyres

TCVN 1596:1988
Adhesive strength (fabric / rubber) of tyres TCVN 1596:1988
Breaking strength of thread TCVN 5786:1994
Peeling strength of joint of inner tubes TCVN 1596:1988




Colour fastness to organic solvents BS EN ISO 105-X05:1997
Colour fastness to laundering ISO 105-C06:1994

Colour fastness to sea water

BS EN ISO 105-E02:1996
Colour fastness to hot pressing (dry pressing and damp) BS EN ISO 105-X11:1996
Mass per unit area of nonwovens ISO 9073-1:1989
Breaking strength and elongation at break of nonwovens ISO 9073-3:1989
Mass per metric of knitted fabrics TCVN 5793:1994
Density of knitted fabrics TCVN 5794:1994
Breaking strength & elongation at break of knitted fabric TCVN 5795:1994
Mass of woven fabric TCVN 1752:1986
Density of woven fabric TCVN 1753:1986
Breaking strength & elongation at break of woven fabrics TCVN 1754:1986
Moisture TCVN 1750:1989

Twist of yarns

TCVN 5788:1994
Quantitative analysis of textiles ASTM D 629-95



Change in volume / mass after immersion in the liquid

TCVN 2752:1978

Abrasion test TCVN 1594:1987
Density ISO 2781:1988
Compression set ISO 815:1991




Colour fastness to artificial light (xenon arc) ISO 105 – B02;1994
Colour fastness to perspiration BS ISO 105 - E04:1996

TCVN 5235:1990

Colour fastness to dry rubbing BS EN ISO 105-X12:1995

TCVN 4538:1994

Colour fastness to wet rubbing BS EN ISO 105 X12:1995

TCVN 4538:1994

Colour fastness to artificial light - Mercury high voltage lamp TCVN 5823:1994
Colour fastness to water BS EN ISO 105-E01:1996
Colour fastness to chlorinated water BS EN ISO 105-E03:1997
Colour fastness to washing ISO 105-C01:1989







Grammage of paper

ASTM D 646-92

ISO 536:1976

TCVN 1270:2000

Ash content of paper and paper broad

ASTM D 586-92. Method A

ASTM D 586-92. Method B

ISO 2144:1983

TCVN 1864:1976


ASTM D 644-94

TCVN 1867:1976

Grammage of tissue paper ASTM D 3905-93
Grammage of towel paper ASTM D 4431-92

Bursting strength of paper board

TCVN 3228-2:2000


Ring crush resistance of paper board TAIPPIT 825 OM-96
Bursting strength of corrugated board TAIPPIT 810 OM-98
Flat crush resistance of corrugated board TAIPPIT 808 OM-97

TCVN 4439:1987

Tensile test of paper ASTM D 828-93

TCVN 1962-2:2000

ISO 1924-1:1992

Tearing resistance of paper ASTM D 689-92

ISO 1974:1990

TCVN 3229:2000

Smoothness of paper ISO 8791-2:1990

Water absorptiveness of paper

ASTM D 3285-93

ISO 535:1991

Air permeance test ISO 5636-3:1992
Identification of mineral filers and mineral coating ASTM D 686-93
pH of paper extract ASTM D 778-93
Wet tensile strength of paper ASTM D 829-93
Rate of water absorption ASTM D 824-84
Thickness of paper TCVN 3652:2000

ASTM D 645-92

ISO 534:1988

Folding endurerce of paper TCVN 1866:2000









Pigment content of emulsion paints (by low - temp.) ASTM D 3723-84
Volume of nonvolatile matter of paints ASTM D 2697-86
Nonvolatile content of resin solutions, varnishes, etc ASTM D 4209-82
Nonvolatile content of paints ASTM D 2369-93

ISO 1515:1973

JIS K 5407:1990

Spreading area of water paints JIS K 5960:1983
Heat - resistance properties of coatings ASTM D 2485-91
Density of paints, varnishes. etc ASTM D 1475-90

ISO 2811-1:1997

JIS K 5400:1990

Adhension of paints h ASTM D 3359-93

JIS K 5400:1990

TCVN 2097:1993

Specular gloss of coating (angle of incidence 60o) ASTM D 523-89

JIS K 5400:1990

TCVN 2101:1993

JIS K 5656:1992

Acid resistance of coatings JIS K 5400:1990
Effect of household chemicals on coatings ASTM D 1308-87
Gasoline resistance of coatings JIS K 5400:1990

Alkali resistance of coatings

JIAS K 5400:1990
Salt - water resistance of coatings JIS K 5400:1990
Boiling - water resistance of coatings JIS K 5400:1990

Water resistance of coatings

ASTM D 870-92

JIS K 5400:1990

Block resistance of nitrocellulose paints JIA K 5531:1992
Blending resistance of coatings JIS K 5400:1990

TCVN 2099:1993


Impact resistance of coatings

ASTM D 2794-93

TCVN 2100:1993

Hardness of coating by pendulum damping tests ASTM D 4366-94

TCVN 2098:1993


Fineness of paints

ASTM D 1210-79

ISO 1524:1983

JIS K 5400:1990

TCVN 2091:1993

Brookfield viscosity (at 25 oC) of paints, resin solutions ASTM D 2196-86
Viscosity of paints TCVN 2092:1993
PH of paints ASTM E 70-90

Water permeablity of dry coating

JIS K 5400:1990
Light fastness of paint (xenon - arc lamp) ISO 2809:1976




Plastic: plastic sheet, coating, PVC pipe, etc



















Water absortion

ISO 2508:1981

KS M 3404-1986

TCVN 6042:1995

Nonvolatile content of Vinyl Chloride Resin ASTM D 3030-84
Loss on ignition of reinforced resin ASTM D2584-94
Glass Fiber content of reinforced hha JIS K 7052:1987
Tensile test of plastic ASTM D 638-94

ISO 527-1:1993

Ash content of thermoplastic hha ASTM D 5630-94
Ash content of plastic ISO 3451-1:1997
Flattening test of PVC pipe AS 1462.2-1984

ASTM D 2241-93

KS M 3404-1986

KS M 3413-1995

Tensile test of plastic pipe ISO 6259-1:1997
Apparent density of resin (power) ASTM D 1895-89
Apparent density of resin (granule) ASTM D 1895-89

ISO 60:1977

Density of PVC pipe ISO 4439:1979
Density of cellular plastic ASTM D 1622-93

ISO 845:1988

Density of non cellular plastic ASTM D 792-91

ISO 1183:1987

Sulfuric acid resistance of PVC pipe TCVN 6037:1995
Chemical resistance ASTM D 543-87
Effect of immersion in liquid chemicals ISO 175:1999
Tensile strength & elongation of rigid cellular plastic ISO 1926:1979
Tensile strength & elongation of flexible cellular plastic ISO 1798:1997

Tensile strength & elongation of plastic film

ASTM D 882-91

TCVN 5820:1994

Compression resistance of rigid cellular plasics ISO 844:1978

ASTM D 1621-94

Compression resistance of flexible cellular plasics ISO 3386-1:1986
Resistance to damage by flexing of coated fabrics ISO 7854:1995

TCVN 5821:1994

Flexural strength of plastic ISO 178:1993

Dichloromethane test for PVC pipe

ISO 7676:1990

TCVN 6139:1996

Modulus of elasticity (tensile test) of plastic ASTM D 638-94
Tearing strength of plastic film (single - tear method) ASTM D 1938-94

ISO 6383-1:1993

Tearing testing of PVC film

TCVN 5820:1994

Shore D hardness

ISO 868:1978
Indentation hardness index of flexible cellular plastic ISO 2439:1997
Average gravimetric thickness of plastic film TCVN 5820:1994

ISO 4591:1992

Water absorsion (immerse in 24 h) of plastic ASTM D 570-81
Apparent Viscosity of plastisols & organosols at low shear ASTM D 1824-90
Linear dimetional changes of plastic film at elevated temperature ASTM D 1204-94

ISO 11501:1995


Outside diameter of PVC pipe

AS/NZS 1462.1-1996

BS 3505: 1986

Iso 3126:1974

TCVN 6145:1996

Longitudinal reversion of PVC pipe ISO 2505-2:1994, Method B

TCVN 6148:1996 Ph­Źng ph¸p B

Heat resistance test of PVC pipe KS M 3413-1995
Resistance to chemicals of PVC pipe KS M 3413-1995
Total mass per unit area of coated fabrics ISO 2286-2:1998

TCVN 5827:1994

Tear testing of coated fabrics ISO 4674:1997

TCVN 5822:1994

Tensile strength & elongation at break of coated fabrics ISO 1421:1998

TCVN 4635:1988


Loss of plasticizer of plastic h h

TCVN 5824:1994

Blocking resistance of coated fabrics

ISO 5978:1990

TCVN 5825:1994


Coating adhesion of coated fabrics

ISO 2411:2000

TCVN 4638:1988

Modulus of elasticity (tensile test) of plastic films ASTM D 882-91
High temperature test of PVC pipe AS/NZS 1462.16-1996



Safe toy. Mechanical requirements EN 71 Part 1: 1988

TCVN 6238-1:1997